Interior Design professional with over 25 years experience

Interior Design professional with over 25 years experience

Lyndi Dean

Overall color schemes, fabrics and finishes, lighting, furniture selection, custom furniture design and storage solutions
Kitchen/Bath design (commercial and residential) - fixture specifications, finish schedules, detailed drawings (such as for tile installation)

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"Lyndi's talents were revealed to me over time. I hired her because she was so personable and responded to my requests with such enthusiastic commitment. I knew if she said she was going to do something, she would deliver and then some. What I did not realize until completion of the project, was how subtle and sensitive her design sense is. She is an artist who has channeled her love of color and shape into interior design. Customers walk into the coffee house and say "Wow, it feels great in here!" You can't buy a feeling. A designer who delivers that is worth her weigh in gold."

Danielle Fitzpatrick, Owner
Bear Mountain Coffee House & Gallery
Magdalena, New Mexico