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Dean Architecture & Design - Architect

Savannah, GA and The Low Country/Los Angeles, CA

Dean Architecture & Design is an Architectural and Interior design firm. Our portfolio is composed of Residential design for both new construction and remodeling, as well as light Commercial, Office, and Retail design.

Good design should meet the wants and needs of the Client rather than fulfill the fantasies of the designer. Our designs start with the Client's vision of function and style and move forward to develop that vision into reality. We strive for simple, straightforward solutions - designs that are both practical and attractive. We are comfortable working with many styles of architecture and interiors, as can be seen in the various projects shown in the galleries on this website.

All projects are developed with 3D modeling software so that during the design process the Client can get a real sense of how the building will look and feel both inside and out. This computer model is then used to develop architectural construction drawings and details with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach. This approach helps to maintain the budget set by the Client and identify potential construction problems in advance, helping to eliminate costly mistakes and delays. If interested in our services please call us today at 912-480-9770

Services Offered

We provide a full range of services including:

Architectural Design and Consultation

Interior Design and Consultation



3D Modeling

Coordination of Engineering and Consultant Services

Construction Document Preparation

Permitting and Expediting Services

Construction Supervision Services

Vaastu Consultation

Fred Dean is a registered architect in the state of Georgia, South Carolina, and California with 35 years practicing architecture in Savannah, GA, the Low Country, Los Angeles, CA, as well as international experience.

Cecil Ar

Fred Dean Architect has done an outstanding job for us. We sent him a rough draft of our plans and he had us workable blueprints in just under a week. I highly recommend him if you need any architectural work done. A few weeks later we needed a PDF plan to present to the county for approval and he sent it in 30 minutes. Give him a call if you need any work done. Lamar Arnold. Richmond Hill, Ga.

Adel L

Fred designed the most amazing master bathroom for me, just now completed this July2015. His wife Lyndi assisted me with colors and textures, an overwhelming task otherwise. Best part of it is Fred's follow-up meetings with my contractor and site inspections to ensure proper execution, and also to make minor adjustments as needed. A great experience!

Remodeling and Home Design